via Andrew R. Heinze: What Health Reform Will Do to My Insurance –

“I’m a registered Democrat living in New York City, and I buy my own health insurance. But now, having seen the health-care reform bill that passed the House, I’m preparing for life without health insurance. And unless I’m the only person covered under the Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield “Tradition Plus” plan, a lot of other people will end up just like me, uninsured.

I will gain one thing, though—an annual fine for losing my insurance. The exact amount of that fine isn’t clear yet, but so far it looks like I’ll be paying about the same amount—$2,000 a year—for having no insurance as I do now for having it.”

No World Borders note: The legislation designed to make health care accessible is making it more expensive.  And the technology that holds some hope for efficiencies won’t be a reality for many years.  The infrastructure to make health care efficient in physician’s offices will only be in use by 10% of all U.S. physician’s offices by 2013, according to a recent Gartner Group presentation.

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