– No World Borders today announced that it has expanded its health care and process improvement practices to Latin America, with projects under way in Mexico, Puerto Rico, with teams available for new market opportunities in Panama, and Uruguay.

Michael Arrigo, President & CEO of No World Borders said, “The world continues to become more global and borderless in terms of the need to align business and information technology. Latin American companies in the health care insurance business need bilingual English-Spanish speakers who understand process improvement, claims adjudication, electronic health records, claims systems, and the new HIPAA EDI standards X12 5010 and ICD-10. Recently, our partners and customers have turned to us, our team and our relationships to help reduce cost and risk in their business as they seek to become more efficient and paperless.”

Renato Escobar, with Latin American services for No World Borders in Miami, Florida, added, “Our company brings multi-cultural, bilingual skills to emerging markets in health care and other industries. The U.S. has long been a model for health care best practices and process improvement. We are excited about our new offerings in this dynamic, high–growth market place, and our innovative approach timed well for new business opportunities there.”

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