BALTIMORE – The economic decline is continuing to pummel hospitals in the form of reduction of reimbursements, rise of uninsured patients and decrease in number of elective procedures for insured patients.

In this environment of balancing shrinking budgets, staff reductions and patient safety, hospitals are more open to generating efficiencies using IT. Process improvement is a good investment in times when companies need to improve efficiency.

According to an article in Heath Care IT News, “Streamlining administrative processes while continuing to invest in patient care is not mutually exclusive. Business process management, or BPM, can provide a clear view of processes across all systems, including billing, accounting and other legacy systems. “The end goal is to improve business processes running on software, doing things in the smartest and fastest ways, which automates processes, reduces resources and increases accuracy.

An additional benefit of implementing BPM is being able to document and track data in real time, which improves the process for compliance certification and audits.”

By using IT to help their businesses fix process issues, C-level hospital executives can “step up and be the champions,” especially in this economic environment.

No World Borders’ team of BPM experts have cross-industry and cross-technology experience to help your company improve operating efficiencies, reduce cost, and improve process.

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