Born This Way #1, Mubarek Resigns, Health Care Reform Continues

Sensationalism creates a sense of temporary urgency to know more. Mubarek steps down, Lady Gaga is #1, however, in health care reform more than 50% of all health care companies in the U.S. are not prepared for a new reimbursement system called ICD-10. This is a slow steady march to what could be a sensational event in the future. If a large percentage of health insurance firms and hospitals cannot submit or process claims in the new medical coding system, then it could lead to the next Federal bailout - but this time in health care not financial services.

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Health Care Reform is a Journey Not an Event

The recent passage of national health care reform legislation is an important milestone in the process of moving toward providing millions of Americans with access to health insurance. However, significant steps must still be taken in order to achieve the goals established in the legislation. Specifically, greater clarification is needed to determine how reform will [...]

HIPAA 5010 Webinar Speakers Panel

On Monday, November 30th at 1pm ET Mike Arrigo, CEO of No World Borders, Inc. will be participating in a health care industry panel on health care, HIPAA 5010, electronic data standards and some specifics around implementing the EDI standard HIPAA 5010.   His talk will include An Introductory Overview of the HIPAA 5010 [...]

No World Borders Expands Health Care, Process Improvement Practice to Latin America

Newport Beach, CA - No World Borders today announced that it has expanded its health care and process improvement practices to Latin America, with projects under way in Mexico, Puerto Rico, with teams available for new market opportunities in Panama, and Uruguay.Michael Arrigo, President & CEO of No World Borders said, "The world continues to [...]