eCommerce continues to be a bright spot in the economy

While brick and mortar stores like Circuit City are bankrupt, leaving hollow buildings and for lease signs in their wake, continues to make advances in market share. Amazon, not Best Buy realized the largest gains. Best Buy market share in fact declined in speciality electronics.Innovative software and solutions that make Amazon and other on-line [...]

Harvard Study Refutes Long Tail Theory

Two years ago a book was published that stated the Internet would turn inventory management and planning around. No-longer constrained by bricks and mortar, consumer consumption of goods would change. The internet brings about a new consequence: consumption patterns will change, and “hits” will shift to “misses.” Misses according to the book, “The Long Tail [...]

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Obama – $1 Million Minute on the Web calls for pledgers to register a donation within 60 seconds, at 1pm on Apr. 21. Could the site be interpreted as just another stunt in an environment where $1 million isn’t what it used to be? There is certainly an element of theater, admits one member of Obama’s national finance committee who’s familiar with [...]

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