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SolutionProviderPlanMedicaidSelf-InsuredIT VendorIT Investor
Accountable Care Organization, quality measures strategiesxxxxxx
Audit validation, testing for 5010, ICD-10, EMR and other HITsxxxxx
Best practice implementation tracking toolsxxxxx
Business process, integration, master data management solutionsxxxxx
Capabilities to reduce the cost of healthcare, accelerate reimbursementxxxx
Claims disbursement process improvement solutionsxxx
Claims submitter, provider coordination for improved adjudicationxxx
Clinical documentation improvement by specialty for ICD-10 & EMRs (CDI)x
Clinical documentation improvement retrospective review of MS-DRG affected chargs and supporting clinical documentationxxx
Clinical documentation improvement constant analysis for coding gaps and accuracy, additional clinical documentation not otherwise coded, and opportunities for targeted physician educationx
Clinical documentation improvement: Provide initial and ongoing peer-to-peer physician education sessions addressing MS-DRG documentation requirements, definitions, criteria and importance of clear and consistent clinical documentationx
Clinical documentation review state: ¥ Concurrent review - performed while the patient is in the hospital, before discharge. ¥ Retrospective - pre-bill review - performed after discharge at the time of coding. ¥ Retrospective - post-bill review - performed after discharge and after the claim as been billed.x
Clinical template development and specialty coder trainingx
Clinical vocabularies, medical concepts for transitioning to ICD-10xxxxx
Community health needs assessmentxxx
Data conversion surety, security and integrity, validation, qualityxxxx
Data quality and integrityxx
Diagnosis and procedure coding quality and compliance (see CDI)xxxx
EMR and HITECH Privacy & Security Risk Assessmentsxxxxx
EMR Integration via HL7 and Service Oriented Architecture standardsxxx
EMR vendor contract review for providersxx
EMR, practice management solution selection & implementationxxx
Enrollment, eligibility-employer, Medicaid (MAGI, CHIP, TANF)xx
Executive education, physician and coder training, specialty trainingxxxxxx
Gap analysis, vendor readiness dashboards for ICD-10xxxxxx
HCC severity & risk adjustment impact in diagnosis codingxxx
Health care social media, patient outreach & educationxxx
Health IT investment due diligencexxxxx
Healthcare company, HIT vendor risk assessment and due diligencexxxxx
ICD-10 Project Kick off, governance, project planxxxxx
ICD-10 readiness, roadmap, strategy, and implementationxxxxxx
Incentives keep Accountable Care Organization members in networkxxxx
IT Portfolio and Labor Spend Management Dashboardsxxxxx
Litigation support / expert witness, appealsxxxxxx
Maximize meaningful use of EMR incentive paymentsxx
Meaningful use Critical Findings Notification Workflow auditsxxx
Medical policy management & benefit designxxxxx
Medicare Advantage 5-Star HEDIS process improvement, reportingxx
CMS Hospital Value Based Purchasingx
Process discovery, complex business eventsxxxx
Process improvement, tools for repeatable HIT implementationsxxxx
Provider / physician advocacy for HIT projectsx
Revenue cycle / accounts receivable audit, analyticsxx
Specialty diagnosis and procedure coding & clinical documentationx
ICD-10 business roadmapxxxxxx
ICD-10 trainingxxxxxx
ICD-10 high-level reviewxxxxxx
ICD-10 In-depth assessmentxxxxx
ICD-10 gap analysisxxxxxx
ICD-10 vendor readinessxxxxx
ICD-10 implementation planxxxxx
ICD-10 test plan reviewxxxxx
ICD-10 financial and risk modelingxxxxx
ICD-9 to ICD-10 documentationxxxxx
ICD-10 Governance, steering committee composition xxxxx
ICD-10 Training and specialty Training - Physician
ICD-10 Training and specialty Training - Codersxxxxx
ICD-10 Coding and data qualityxxxxx
Impact training for managers and executivesxxxxx
ICD-10 Skills Assessmentxxxxx
ICD-10 Interim leadershipxxxxx
ICD-10 assessmentsxxxxx
ICD-10 business roadmap & strategyxxxxxx
ICD-10 organization change mediationxxxxx
ICD-10 physician engagementxxxxx
ICD-10 gap analysisxxxxxx
ICD-10 HIT vendor assessmentsxxxxx
ICD-10 vendor and provider readiness dashboardsxxxxx
ICD-10 DRG data analytics overviewxxxxx
ICD-10 virtual implementations and testingxxxxx
ICD-10 Implementation planningxxxxx
ICD-10 clinical documentation (inpatient, outpatient)xxxxx
ICD-10 application modernizationxxxxx
ICD-10 business rulesxxxxx
ICD-10 medical conceptsxxxxxx
ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalk toolsxxxxx
ICD-9 to ICD-10 tool assessmentsxxxxx
ICD-10 enterprise integrationxxxxx
ICD-10 testingxxxxx
ICD-10 revenue cycle analyticsxxxxx
ICD-10 impacts on payer claims auto adjudicationxxxxx
ICD-10 data, coding quality & governancexxxxx
ICD-10 and AHRQ patient safety indicatorsxxxxx
ICD-10 impact on Accountable Care Organizationsxxxxx
ICD-10 and Medicare Advantage and Part Dxxxxx
ICD-10 impact on quality & safety measuresxxxxx
ICD-10 HIM and IHI process improvementxxxxx
ICD-10 Master Data Management, process dataxxxxx
ICD-10 business events, instrumenting the enterprisexxxxx
ICD-10 business process discovery, managementxxxxx
Meaningful Use Audit Defensexxx
ICD-10 service oriented architecture integrationxxxxx
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