– HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced three more states that are tracking on time to implement health care law by establishing Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX). HHS issued the first conditional approval of a State Partnership Exchange to Delaware and Minnesota and Rhode Island.

Second Order Effects of the HIX Movement

State Exchanges are also key, as are Private HIX roll outs to enabling Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Other factors affecting HIX strategies include ICD-10 which will be the standard for describing the diagnosis of patients will be the lingua franca in the future for population health management. ICD-10 consulting assessments are underway for many hospitals, health plans and other HIPAA Covered Entities. CORE Operating Rules and the  mobile experience for the prospective member, patient and healthcare consumer will also be important as will be engaging the healthcare consumer after their purchase decision via healthcare Navigators and other wellness content.

Delaware secured conditional approval ahead of the Feb. 15, 2013, deadline to apply to operate a State Partnership Exchange.   The State Partnership Exchange enables states to manage part of the Exchange in 2014.  Partnership Exchanges enable states to make key decisions and tune the HIX to their  market.

Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, and North Carolina have also expressed early interest in establishing a State Partnership Exchange.  HIX systems are more than just another Internet portal to shop for insurance.  They must comprehend individual income in pricing insurance to consumers, such as the MAGI calculation.

The Status of selected conditionally approved states are:

Colorado Insurance Exchange

Connecticut Insurance Exchange

District of Columbia Insurance Exchange

Kentucky Insurance Exchange

Maryland Insurance Exchange

Massachusetts Insurance Exchange(Health Connector)

Minnesota Insurance Exchange

New York Insurance Exchange

Oregon (Cover Oregon) Insurance Exchange

Rhode Island Insurance Exchange

Washington (Washington Health Plan Finder) Insurance Exchange

Conditionally Approved State Partnership Exchanges:

Delaware HIX

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