With the first of many key health reform implementation dates arriving on July 1, The New York Times noted that the health care overhaul’s beginnings were earning high reviews from some constituencies.  The Obama Administration celebrated the launch of a new consumer web portal, with coverage option information available state by state, and the availability of a new federal Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan under the law’s temporary high-risk pool program.

An Associated Press story last week pointed out that research shows health care reform may well mean longer emergency room waits because of an increase in the number of those covered by Medicaid, while a new consumer sentiment index from Thomson Reuters shows that Americans’ confidence in their ability to access and pay for health care reached a new low in May.

The Congressional Budget Office’s new Long-Term Budget Outlook concludes that federal health care spending, taking into account the expected impact of the new health reform law, is still on an unsustainable course. It is clear much more work remains to be done to fix the health care system.

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