Recently, the Wall Street Journal noted that Facebook is transforming journalism. This is a great segway into something we’ve been watching for a while. Social media is not just for social consumers anymore. Journalists can use ‘friends’ on Facebook as sources without filtering or the usual controlled introductions so common with media firms in the past. A publishing company is therefore using social media to become more efficient.

Similarly, the texting movement where ideas can come from the masses is taking hold in the enterprise, in several intertwined ways. See the video clip below regarding Financial Advisors who “tweet” using Twitter. The Twitter network is helping them connect better with clients. (See our blog, “Twittering in Congress”)

New digital imaging products such as Flip video and Canon’s new long-recording video / still cameras mean more people can contribute and share ideas among friends on social networks, but also among colleagues in the enterprise.

Finally, ‘crowd sourcing’ of ideas using open source computer code development, blended with the ideas above means good ideas spread rapidly. (See our blog “…Software Advertising & Innovation). In particular, open source technology is rapidly being adopted in emerging markets. These markets have less to lose by doing things the old way, and much to gain in innovation by being open to free exchanges of ideas. The developed world must embrace these concepts or be left behind. Brazil and South Africa are two examples. This has helped ‘lubricate the flow of information,’ and save money. Pioneers are often the last to get on the wave. North America is actually the slowest in adopting open source.

The result is an innovation renaissance just waiting to happen outside corporate firewalls. We predict that the companies whose walls do not come down will be left behind, and those enterprises that intelligently embrace social media, open source, imaging of ideas and texting tweets will thrive.

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Below are for video clips that explain these concepts. They can be blended together powerfully in social media. (See the No World Borders blog entry Innovators in Social Media).

Click the play button below to view “Facebook Transforming Journalism”

Click the play button below to view “When Financial Managers Tweet”

click the play button below to view “Flip Video vs. Canon”

Click the play button below to view “Open Source in Emerging Markets”

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