My friend Shel Israel’s points about Social Media (SM): It isn’t about whether Twitter or Facebook succeeds, it is about embracing SM and using it and the warehouse of tools (and in my opionion the real-time data that it generates). SM tools can be mashed together in new combinations to solve problems and facilitate global conversations. SM is now beginning to make its way into “…the castles of Corporate America…” The days of a manager defining a single way on every desktop to get things done is being challenged by the mix of these tools and the beneficial collaboration they create, sometimes in very unexpected ways. SM will be adopted or companies will be left behind in the innovation race, just as societies that adopted the tools in the Iron Age often experienced coincident changes such as differing agricultural practices, religious beliefs and artistic styles.

Case in point: One of our clients was attempting to retire a number of ‘legacy’ computer systems and have just one. This is ambitious, risky, and most importantly does not acknowledge the inherent heterogeneous nature of globally diversified companies. Federated systems combined with ways of enabling corporate conversations using SM will be a better approach, combined with data mash up tools. The company expects improved adaptability, innovation, and better corporate conversations.

See an excerpt of Shel’s video blog below.

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